Price: $20

Seller: Maria
State: Arizona
City: Miami
Zip code: 33184
Type: Animals

Hello and welcome to: "24/7 QUALITY PET SITTING"*(305)409-* Have an Emergency? We will receive your pet at any time of the day or night without any extra cost!
SUMMER *** SPECIAL*** Welcome aboard Day is FREE!!!!! Cash Only!! 
WE DO NOT OVERBOOK! Because we realize that every pet needs a one on one special attention and special interaction especially when being away from their environment and loving family. Every pet has his or her very own luxury accommodations, Bed, throw rug, the works!! They get out and play in the wading pools and also the doggie playground. 
-What we offer:
***On Leash Advanced Obedience Included Free!!!!*** This program is designed to teach your pet the "Command" language. The words are: Sit, Heel, Down, Stay and Come. This is done with a training collar and 6' leash.
***We are training your pet many times throughout the day!*** We are also resolving the annoying problems that you are having, like bolting through doors, jumping up on people, etc.
***Walking your doggies!*** Dog Walking is by far one of doggies' favorite activities which help to alleviate behaviors such hyperactivity, barking and digging.
***We follow your feeding schedule, as well as to any medication prescribed schedule.***
***One on one interaction!*** Dogs really need quality socialization time with their humans. Certain dogs need to be with people that they have bonded with, while others are happy as long as there are people around to interact with. It is important to spend some quality time with our dog every day. Play time, obedience training, and dog walking are all important, and will help establish trust, respect, and a lifetime bond.
***They get bathed accordingly with Flea & Tick Shampoo to follow up with an Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies. (Leaves Coat soft, Shiny & Manageable. Kills Fleas eggs for 28 Days)!***
***You may bring in whatever else you want in their suite; toys, blankets, etc... and if your dog has any special routines or you have any special requests, we will be happy to cater to you and your best friend for no additional cost and with plenty of love as if they were our own!***
How is my Pet sitting Service Structured?: My Pet Sitting Service is legally Structured, there is no such thing as a pet sitter license. It does not exist, at least in our County.
But there is a "Miami-Dade County Hobby Breeder License "that I will present at the moment of Service. I provide my customers with a copy of such a License and a Contract with specifications and details of our agreement. Including days, hours, instructions about the pets and the house, prices, etc. I also create very specific Pet Profiles with all the info I may need. Personalized service and attention is our true mission! We realize that pets are like our children, and so we give them plenty of love, attention and affection. It's comforting to know that there is a place in a family home with experienced loving members. We will be their foster parents when you're not there! "24/7 QUALITY PET SITTING", HERE FOR YOUR PET AND FOR YOU 24/7 CALL ANYTIME AND LET US SHOW YOU JUST HOW DEPENDABLE WE ARE! "HERE YOUR PET WON'T BE JUST ANOTHER PET WHILE YOU ARE AWAY, THEY WILL BE PART OF OUR FAMILY!!!" 
FULL DAY $20.00 
HALF DAY $10.00
10 DAYS -$175.00= $17.50/DAY ($25.00 savings!)
14 Days -$217.00= $15.50/Day ($63.00 savings!)
20 DAYS -$250.00= $12.50/DAY ($150.00 savings!)
50 DAYS -$500.00= $10.00/DAY ($500.00 savings!)